Needle and Syringe Program: Secondary

Secondary Needle and Syringe Programs (NSPs) operate within existing health or community services and typically distribute 4 and 8 packs (sterile needle, syringes, water, spoons, cotton wool and disposal containers), condoms and a variety of different sized sharps disposal containers. They do not provide the additional specialised equipment available through primary NSPs.

Operating hours

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Operating hours vary depending on location

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Needle and Syringe Programs (NSPs) primarily provide sterile injecting equipment to people who inject drugs. The programs are public health initiative aimed at reducing the spread of blood borne viruses (BBV) and reducing the physical harms associated with injecting. ‘Secondary’ NSPs operate within existing health or community services, including hospitals, and may provide either basic sterile injecting equipment services and equipment disposal, or enhanced services including education and other supports

See the Directions Health Services website for information on ‘primary’ NSPs (dedicated programs that provide sterile injecting equipment and a range of other services for people who inject drugs) and other relevant NSP information in the ACT.

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Other exclusions


Treatment type

Needle and syringe program

Harm reduction initiatives

Provide sterile injecting equipment

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Treatment goal

Harm reduction

Phones permitted


Smoking permitted


Additional program description

Needle and Syringe – Collection and Disposal


If you find a needle or syringe (also called a sharp) in a public place or on your private property, do NOT attempt to move it yourself. Do not touch it and, if possible, stand guard, or mark the area with a hazard sign, particularly if there are children around. Immediately call Access Canberra Contact Centre on 13 22 81 (press #1) to provide accurate information on the location of the item. A City Ranger from ACT Government Territory and Municipal Services will come and pick it up as soon as possible.


Transport Canberra and City Services provide sharps disposal containers in all public toilets in urban open space. Sharps containers containing used syringes can be dropped off at the following locations:

Via primary Needle and Syringe Programs

City Health Centre outside the ground floor entrance, to the right of the main door – Corner of Alinga and Moore Streets, Canberra City. Phone: (02) 6143 5800

Phillip Health Centre at the back of the building, opposite Lovett (formerly MLC) Tower – Corner of Keltie and Corinna Streets, Woden. Phone: (02) 6132 4900

Via Emergency Disposal (domestic only) through recycling and waste facilities

  • City Health Centre– Cnr Alinga and Moore Streets, Canberra City
  • Phillip Health Centre– Cnr Keltie and Corinna Streets, Woden
  • Mitchell recycling drop-off centre – Baillieu Court, Mitchell
  • Belconnen recycling drop-off centre – Jolly Street, Belconnen
  • Phillip recycling drop-off centre – Botany Court, Phillip
  • Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre – Mugga Lane, Symonston
  • Mitchell Resource Management Centre – Flemington Road, Mitchell

Click here for further information relating to the collection and disposal of needle and syringes in the ACT.

Source: Access Canberra, 2017, Needle and syringe collection and disposal, ACT Government

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