About the ACT ATOD Program Directory

The ACT ATOD Program Directory (the Directory) was initially developed in response to a need identified by the ACT ATOD workforce. The Directory is a resource designed primarily for AOD professionals to find services and programs available in the ACT ATOD sector. There are over 40 specialist alcohol and other drug programs in the ACT. The ACT ATOD Program Directory communicates the diverse range of programs available across the ACT ATOD sector. It aims to support workers to make referrals, increase cross and intra-sectoral knowledge and foster collaborations.


The Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Association ACT (ATODA) is the peak body for the alcohol, tobacco and other drug sector in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). ATODA’s purpose is to lead and influence positive outcomes in policy, practice and research. ATODA provides collaborative leadership for intersectoral action on the social determinants of harmful drug use; societal responses to drug use; and societal responses to people who use drugs.

ATODA provides expertise in the areas of policy; sector workforce development and capacity building; research, data and evaluation; health services planning; coordination and partnerships; training and education; communication; information and resources.

ATODA’s vision is a healthy, well and safe ACT community with the lowest possible levels of alcohol, tobacco and other drug related harms. Underpinning ATODA’s work is a commitment to health equity, the social and cultural determinants of health, and the values of collaboration, participation, diversity, human rights, social justice and reconciliation between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians.

ATODA works for better interaction and integration between alcohol, tobacco and other drug researchers, services, policy workers, practitioners, consumers and their friends and families in the ACT and region.

To find out more visit www.atoda.org.au

About communicating safely, respectfully and responsibly about alcohol and other drugs (AOD)

Language Guidelines

ATODA emphasises the importance of using non-stigmatising and non-discriminatory language when communicating matters about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. ATODA recommends the following resources to communicate safely, respectfully and responsibility, about alcohol and other drugs:

Language Matters Resource
The Network of Alcohol and other Drugs Agencies (NADA) and NSW Users and AIDS Association (NUAA) developed the Language Matters Resource for the ATOD sector. To view the full resource, click here

Mindframe Guidelines Resource

Mindframe supports safe media reporting, portrayal and communication about suicide, mental ill-health, alcohol and other drugs. Mindframe developed guidelines to inform media and other stakeholders on reporting of issues related to alcohol and drug use. To read the guidelines, click here.

Safe Space Resource

Harm Reduction WA developed this Safe Space poster as a resource to promote non-judgmental and respectful language and communication relating to alcohol and drug use. To download the poster click here.

ACT ATOD Services Directory Map

Quick Reference Guide to the alcohol, tobacco and other drug sector in the ACT

Click here to download a Quick Reference Guide to ACT alcohol, tobacco and other drug organisations including a short description of programs and a contact phone number.

Key terms in alcohol, tobacco and other drugs

Click here to download a list of key terms in alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

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