Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform – FFDLR

FFDLR believes that prohibition laws are more the problem than the solution. It’s main focus is to raise awareness in the community that problematic drug use should be treated as a health and social issue not a criminal justice one. It seeks laws and policies that cause the least possible harm. It encourages debate on alternate policies such as decriminalisation and regulation. Activities include advocacy for change in laws and policies and advocacy on behalf of families, policy development, monthly meetings, monthly newsletter, and public forums. An annual remembrance ceremony ‘for those who lose their life to illicit drugs’ is held during October. Meetings are held 7:30pm – 9pm, every 4th Thursday of the month except for December and January.

Phone: (02) 6169 7678
Mailing address: PO Box 7186, Kaleen ACT 2617
Email: president@ffdlr.org.au
Website: www.ffdlr.org.au
Twitter: @ffdlr

Last Updated on September 2016

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