Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Liaison Officer (Alcohol and Drug Services, Canberra Health Services)

Provides support to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people to access and participate in ATOD services.

Telephone: (02) 5124 9977
Fax: (02) 6205 8380
Mailing Address: GPO Box 825, Canberra City ACT 2601
Website: http://health.act.gov.au/our-services/alcohol-and-other-drugs/diversion-services
Location: Level 1, ACT Health Building, 1 Moore St, Canberra City ACT 2601
Parent organisation: Alcohol and Drug Services, Canberra Health Services

Access Information

Maximum waiting time for service: 

  • No waiting time

Pre-treatment support:

  • Active referrals and support to access other services

Target group:

  • Adults
  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander men, women and couples (including same sex couples) and with accompanying children
  • Accepts both ACT and interstate residents
  • Some people under 18 may be able to access the program

Documentation required:

  • Medicare Card

When and how to access:

Operating hours: Program operating hours are 9am – 5pm (Monday – Friday), office hours are 9am – 5pm (Monday – Friday)
Ways to access: Drop-in, no appointment required, outreach
Disability access: Accessible toilets, lifts, doorways and parking
Referrals accepted from: No referral required but accepted from self, another service, Courts and Corrective Services, Police
Transport assistance available: Bus ticket


  • Over the phone
  • Face to face
  • Appointment required
  • Takes less than 1 hour

Specialist ATOD assessment includes:

  • Comprehensive alcohol, tobacco and other drug assessment
  • Comprehensive mental health history
  • Basic physical health & medical history
  • Social and family history
  • Domestic and family violence screening
  • Criminal and legal history
  • Risk Assessment

Treatment Plans

  • An individualised treatment plan will be developed


Program type: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Liaison

Duration and intensity: As needed

Philosophical approach: Harm minimisation

Additional program description: Provides support and liaison for Aboriginal and / or Torres Strait Islander people who want assistance for ATOD issues. Information and referrals are also provided to other ATOD services.  Support can be provided to people to develop appropriate and achievable treatment plans in collaboration with other ATOD services. Community education and health promotion services are also available. Support is provided to people referred to the Alcohol and Drug Services. Liaison and support can also be provided to family members and support people. Support and education is provided to other staff and services to assist them to provide appropriate care to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander service consumers.

Additional supports available:

  • Support to service consumers to access the On Track program through Capital Careers

Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Support

  • Referrals to access screening, treatment and ongoing monitoring for viral hepatitis with external providers
  • Referrals to access screening & treatment for sexually transmitted infections with external providers

Aftercare and exit of service

  • Aftercare support available
  • Phone support
  • Active referrals and support to access other services

Mental Health

  • Assessments include a mental health component
  • Suicide risk assessment
  • Relationships with Mental Health ACT (i.e. Maintaining joint management)

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander

  • Program designed and delivered specifically for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people
  • Staff undertake Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural awareness training
  • Aboriginal and / or Torres strait Islander Liaison Officer Staff

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD)

  • Access to free interpreter services
  • Access to staff who speak a language other than English

Tobacco Management

  • Smokefree
  • Provide tobacco screening (i.e. screen on assessment)
  • Provide tobacco brief interventions (i.e. referral to Alcohol and Drug Service Nicotine Replacement Therapy Clinic or Medical Officers as required)
  • Service has a workplace tobacco management policy


No cost

Staff available

  • AOD Worker

Help for Families & Carers

  • Information and education offered to families and carers

Alexander Maconochie Centre 

  • Information and education
  • Assessments

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre

  • Information and education
  • Harm reduction
  • Assessments

Other Information

  • Provides support letters for people to access Housing ACT

Last Updated on April 2019

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